“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Archer Web Design is a small, quality oriented, fun web design and development company. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally outstanding visual content that is built on a foundation of flawless functionality. We take pride in working side by side with our clients to bring your vision to life in a way that conveys the message of what you represent to your target audience. Whether your vision is a clear, bright picture, or just a faint spark needing to be coaxed to life, come see us and we would be happy to assist you in creating what will be your online ambassador.

Our approach is relaxed but intensely focused and we insist on only producing excellence, no exceptions. Our mantra is quality. Our directive is to provide our clients with an exceptional and unique online prescence. Your vision is our mission and we are determined to accomplish. Of utmost importance in any transaction is having both parties walk away pleased with what they have given for what they have received. With that in mind, we at Archer Web Design interact, inside and outside of business, in a manner that gives such an outcome the best possible chance of being realized.

With the vision of creating unique and exceptional products for our clients, we have no aspirations of becoming a "website factory", focusing primarily on pumping out generic websites as fast as possible. We would like to be thought of more like a "custom shop" of web design and development, with quality and individuality being our premier strengths.

Create with us, and build your legacy.

Meet The Team


Lead web developer and founder of Archer Web Design.

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our design and development company. I'm glad you're here and I hope you're enjoying the site and finding your way around comfortably. I won't take a whole lot of your time blabbing about myself but I thought you might like to know a few things about the people running this operation.

I began dabbling in Wordpress a few years ago at the suggestion of my dear wife, (up there, on the right) and was utterly hooked on this whole web design/development thing. It's awesome! While I do believe content management sytems are very cool and infinitely functional, I prefer to come up with exact visions of web applications in my head and then code them from scratch, or as close to scratch as is reasonable (I do use Bootstrap so a lot of the boring stuff is already done). I enjoy the creative freedom that coding knowledge affords me and just love it when people like you come to me with your precious ideas and let me loose on them. "Release the hounds"!

While the joy of applying my artistic side to bring ideas to life is super fun, ensuring funcionality and conveying the proper message is equally as important to the success of your website. When it's time to get serious and do the hard work, you can be sure I go at it with the same gusto and verve as I do the fun stuff.

I love this web development thing. I really do. And in everything I have done and everywhere I have been, I have noticed that people who love what they do, do it better.

And now a few "personal" facts I suppose. All the bio writing advice I have read claims it's a necessary part of any "about" section. It makes you seem more relatable, lends the quality of approachability or something. So here goes....I live for adventure, jump outta airplanes when I can, love dirtbiking, sports, traveling, swimming, hiking, tattooing and eating good food. I love movies and music, (The really heavy music is my favourite, (Scandanavian cookie monster stuff) my family is everything to me and I love my home.

Oh,...and also,..I like tennis.


The brains behind it all. (Just look at the picture)

What's up humans? I am Kaleen, a certified Wix webmaster, graphic designer and social media wizard.

I've been at this for seven years and have chosen Wix as my primary web design platform as it is not only functional and fun to use, it gives me the creative tools I need to design kickass websites. My style is a bit on the whimsical side, with nature being my prefered theme but clean design is probably what defines me.

My husband informs me that I need to include some personal tidbits in my blurb so you might as well know that I am a free spirited islander who puts travel way up on my list of favourite things. My profession affords me the freedom to do what I do on any sandy beach with internet. Life is great! I also love music, movies and my family but am not nearly as long winded as my husband so that's about all I have for you.

Wherever I am and whatever you need me to create for you, I will do my best to bring your vision to life.